Top 5 Best Books Recommended By My Mum

T5WThis week’s Top 5 Wednesday topic is Best Books Recommended To You.  Scrolling through my Goodreads read shelf, though, I saw most of the books I’ve read in the past couple of years have been recommendations.  That’s why I’ve decided to narrow if down to books recommended to me by my mother.

On The Beach – Nevil Shute

This was one of my favourite reads of last year, and even made it into my favourite books of all time.  In the past I’ve done a not so stellar job of explaining exactly why I loved this book so much, but just know that it’s brilliantly written and showcases varied characters doing what they do best – being human – in a really horrible situation.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy – Douglas Adams

One of the first pieces of science fiction that I ever read, and one of the first books written in that absurd yet witty style that Adams is famous for.  It paved the way for other authors, like John Scalzi, and set me firmly on the path toward general geekery.  And I thank it, and my mother, for that.

Misery – Stephen King

Read and recommended to me by not only my mother, but my grandmother as well.  Everything they told me about the story was true  and it is honestly the most suspenseful thing I think I have ever read.  My grandmother apparently had to ask my grandfather to get up and turn the light off before bed because she couldn’t bear to move, and even though I read the book in full daylight, I also had to keep my feet up off the floor.  It’s great, if you’re into that kind of thing.

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn – Betty Smith

I will reread this book in 2016.  I will.  I’ve bee wanting to reread it ever since I first read it, which must be something stupid like twelve years ago, now.  I don’t always get on with the more literary style of writing, but what I remember of Smith’s prose was really lovely, and I know I loved all of her characters.  It’s lyrical and sad and real, and I always think of it as a favourite,

The Lord John Series – Diana Gabaldon

By now you all know that I love Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series – but it wasn’t a given that I would read the companion novels about one of the side characters, Lord John Grey.  In fact, several years ago when Gabaldon first starting devoting time to Lord John, I was that person who was silently seething because, I don’t care about him, damn it, just give me more of Jamie and Claire!  Well, I grew up a bit and now I really love these books.  In fact, the main books don’t give Lord John enough “screen time”, if you ask me.


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