2016 Mid Year Wrap Up

And here we are at yet another year’s halfway point.  I’ve had an okay reading year so far, and I’m reading less than in previous years just as I knew that I would.  I’m also buying books only if I think I will read them within the month, which is working out nicely for my TBR.  My only real trackable reading “goals” from the start of the year were to keep the average of 400+ page count (I’m kind of on track), aim for an earlier average year of publication (failing miserably despite the literal millions of books that were published prior to the year 2000) and achieve something closer to a 4.0 average star rating (again, no such luck, though this time through no fault of my own).

Despite the rather lacklustre last six months, I have read a couple of wonderful books that have stuck with me;

midyearfav1 midyearfav2


One thought on “2016 Mid Year Wrap Up

  1. I’ve read both of these, but I can’t remember anything about All My Friends Are Superheroes, which is a shame. High Fidelity is wonderful.

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