Top Christmas Songs


Today is my birthday, but more exciting than that, is that it’s around this time of year that I finally feel like it’s socially acceptable to start the Countdown To Christmas.  (Though let’s be real, I’ve never cared about my basically year long countdown to the Festive Season being socially acceptable.)  In honour of all that, here are my Top Favourite Christmas Songs, inspired by Hannah’s post from last year.

All I want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

I mean, it’s a classic for a reason, guys.  You can’t hear this and not think Christmas, or Love, Actually if you’ve seen it as many times as I have.  It’s also great because it purposefully takes away from the gift giving, the food, and even -gasp – the snow to leave you with the message that Christmas is really about the people.  There’s also the fact that it makes for an amazing sing-a-long.

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday – Wizzard

For those of you who live in the UK, something tells me that even now in November you’re probably sick of hearing this song.   And for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of a Christmas in the UK, you won’t know that this is one of about 5 songs that is played on repeat for several weeks in the lead up to the big day.  Personally, I love it and it wouldn’t be Christmas without it.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas – Michael Buble

I love this song in all of it’s forms, but Buble’s is one of my favourites.  I love his entire Christmas album, but there’s something about I’ll Be Home For Christmas that makes me happy and sad and hopeful.  Plus, it’s a really lovely song and Buble does a great job with those long, emotional, notes.

Merry Christmas, Everyone – Shakin’ Stevens

Another one of those that plays around the clock at Christmas time in the UK.  It’s ridiculously retro and catchy and so, horrendously, kitsch that I can’t help but love it.  I don’t know about you but when I hear it I think of sitting on the couch in comfy socks watching trashy TV in front of my grandparents’ electric fireplace.  Just me?  So be it.

White Wine In The Sun – Tim Minchin

I had never heard of this song until reading Hannah’s post this time last year.  She warned that she had wept the first time she heard it, so I pressed play one morning before work.  Ah.  This is a great song about Christmas in Australia, and it hit me hard especially as I was spending Christmas alone and in Canada while the rest of my family were back home in Melbourne.  Another one to put in the happy/sad category, but evocative of Christmas nonetheless.


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