Top 5 Autobuy Authors

toptentuesdayThis week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic, though you’ll notice this post doesn’t include ten authors.  Anyway, these are the authors who pull me into their worlds, introduce me to their fascinating characters, and trap me with their words.  Each and every one of these authors has me hitting the PRE-ORDER button, regardless of whether I actually know what the book is about.


Ok, so there was a rocky period during which I thought I might be done with the Jamie and Claire saga but earlier this year I finally came to my senses and caught up with the series. Since then, I have reread the majority of the books, and currently sit at page 700 in book five. The point is, I’ll read anything Diana Gabaldon puts out, whether it’s set in the Outlander universe or not.


Ever since my introduction to Rainbow Rowell a couple of years ago, I’ve been excited to see what she comes out with next.  I know it’s not a fan favourite, but I really loved Landline, and I bought the My True Love Gave To Me anthology almost completely because it contained a new Rowell story, albeit a short one.  If that doesn’t qualify for autobuy, I don’t know what does.


Ah, Mr Gaiman. I’ve read all of his novels now and eagerly await his next release. While I wasn’t totally enamoured with The Ocean At The End Of The Lane, I live in hope that he will return to his more fantastical storytelling soon. I miss his colourful characters and rich faerietale-esque worlds. Wait, when is the next Gaiman novel coming out?


Ernest Cline, or more specifically, Will Wheton narrating Ernest Cline’s books.  Ready Player One and Armada are two of the most enjoyable audiobooks I’ve listened to, and the second I found out Wheton was narrating Armada, I hit pre-order.  Something I very rarely do.  And I know some people were disappointed by this latest release, by Cline is still an autobuy author for me.  Fast paced Sci Fi + geeky pop culture references will forever be a win, in my book.


And finally, Ms Stiefvater, who in my circles at least seems to have been a staple on these particular Top Ten Tuesday lists. It’s true, we’re all well and truly addicted to her Raven Cycle, but I’m just really interested to see where she goes from there. I hear she’s making headway on an adult novel, which I will, naturally, be buying without hesitation. But then, that’s the name of this list, isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Autobuy Authors

    • Heh, I still loved the series, and the characters especially, as a whole but I wasn’t so sure about the direction things were headed in. But I do love DG’s writing and her habit of finding great, underused, words that fit the scene completely.

  1. I am so behind on the Outlander series. I need to get caught up! I also need to finish watching season one of the show. I really like Rainbow Rowell’s books but I’m not so sure about Carry On. I think I will get that from the library. I love Eleanor & Park. My favorite by far. My autobuy authors include Marissa Meyer, Rick Riordan and Rae Carson.

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