Modern Romance, Aziz Ansari

modernromanceAt some point, every one of us embarks on a journey to find love. We meet people, date, get into and out of relationships, all with the hope of finding someone with whom we share a deep connection. This seems standard now, but it’s wildly different from what people did even just decades ago. Single people today have more romantic options than at any point in human history. With technology, our abilities to connect with and sort through these options are staggering. So why are so many people frustrated?

In Modern Romance, Ansari combines his irreverent humor with cutting-edge social science to give us an unforgettable tour of our new romantic world.

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This came completely out of no where to blow me away.  I mean, I enjoy reading non fiction anyway but it has to be written in an engaging way.  Ansari`s writing, even while quoting statistics and various scientific studies, was so engaging that I had finished the book in no time at all.  Something else that may have worked against the book is that you never know what a celebrity book is going to be like until you give it a go – and some are undeniably better than others.  I`m new to the world of Aziz Ansari, but I was intrigued enough by the premise to give it a go.

Modern Romance covers everything from some historical dating background, to the rise of technology assisted introductions (online dating, Tinder and the like), to modern day single life around the world.  I was expecting witty observations but I wasn’t expecting the science.  It’s clear that Ansari is really invested in his topic and enlisted the help of several specialists to give us readers the best possible scientific take on modern dating.  He does point out, right at the beginning, that this book didn’t exist – so he chose to write it.  And you know, he did a really wonderful job.

Every point is broken down into the positive and negative, and opinions are offered by Ansari, the specialists, and the crowds at his shows and in focus groups.  Many of the questions posed seem to have obvious answers, but when you start to investigate, you see patterns begin to emerge and you learn that you’re not quite as singular in your dating habits as you might think.  Those texting games you play, like waiting for a certain amount of time to pass before replying to the latest message?  Apparently, everyone the world over does that.  Which makes you wonder why we do it at all.  And so on and so forth.

The whole book was ridiculously well thought out, contained really interesting scientific information, and flowed beautifully.  If you’re even slightly interested in human behaviour, I can’t recommend this enough.  And for those of us involved in the modern dating scene, I’d go so far as to say it was required reading.



2 thoughts on “Modern Romance, Aziz Ansari

  1. I’ve been seeing this book everywhere, I wanted to read it but I think you’re review pretty much cements this feeling. I can’t imagine a sinario where I don’t find this man funny.

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