2015 Reading Goal Reevaluation

Well, here we are halfway through the year and it’s time to take a look at those rather vague reading goals I set myself back in January.  My original 2015 Reading Goals post can be found here.

1.  Read more books published prior to 2000 – 12/10
Read more Classics – 4/4

As it stands on July 1st, I have read 11 books written prior to 2000 and 4 books that can be called classics.  I’ve already fulfilled the first criteria of this goal, and can certainly fulfil the second before the year is out.  Reading books written before the 21st century is actually something I’ve become quite passionate about recently because there are just so many books to choose from!  Though apparently not so passionate that I actively seek out older books.

2.  Halve my TBR – 22/21

I’m also doing well on this one.  My current TBR is just 23 books!  The sense of accomplishment that comes with achieving this goal is slightly dampened by the fact that most of the books were removed from my TBR through unhauling and not through me reading them.  Only slightly though, because I think I’ve got my TBR to a place where I actually want to read all of the books.

3.  Read Historical Fiction – 7/10

So far, I’ve read 7 pieces of historical fiction and have a few more sitting on my TBR.  But after six months of little to no science fiction, my brain is craving spaceships again.  So we’ll see which genre wins the battle of Historical Fiction vs Science Fiction.  (I’m just now realising that while I enjoy reading about the past and the future, I’m not a fan of contemporary.)

4. Goodreads Challenge – 47/50

As we all know, Goodreads doesn’t believe in re-reading books so my official current total is 47.  If you include re-reads though, my year to date total is 60.


2 thoughts on “2015 Reading Goal Reevaluation

  1. The trick to Goodreads counting rereads is adding a different edition 😉 just mark another edition as read and voila! 😀 You’re doing so well on your goals. Keep up the good work!

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