Yet More Adaptations That Made Me Want To Read The Book


This edition of Adaptations That Made Me Want To Read The Book is a little different.  It’s almost more of a tbr, really.  Almost.  Having seen the adaptations of these books has pushed me to hurry up and get around the finally reading them.  You can find my previous posts HERE and HERE.

 The Martian, Andy Weir

The book was receiving nothing but 5 star rave reviews, but it was the increasing movie buzz that finally made me pick up a copy of The Martian.  Although the film is supposed to be released sometime later this year, there is still only a rather intense looking teaser trailer available.  But whatever, I don’t even need to see a trailer if the film is anywhere near as great as the book.

EDIT: the trailer was released on Monday and it looks bloody amazing.


Outlander, Diana Gabaldon

An all time favourite that I hadn’t returned to in years.  The Outlander TV show put the series back onto my radar though, and after reading the latest two installments of the series I needed to return to the beginning.  I’m pleased to report that the magic is still there, and that the (in my unpopular opinion) underwhelming TV series hasn’t dampened my love for the book and the characters.


Poldark, Graham Winston

I like historical dramas and Poldark was, for me, everything I wanted the Outlander TV series to be.  The setting is so lovely, the characters so interesting, and the plot so fast paced and dramatic that I need to know how the books measure up!  Next time I’m feeling in the mood for a chunky historical series, I’ll be picking this one up.


American Psycho, Bret Easton Ellis

Another all time favourite, though this time I’m talking about the adaptation.  As for the book?  I read about half of it a few years ago but then returned the copy to the library and never got around to finishing it.  I do remember it being even more dark and twisted than the film, and I owe it to myself to finish it off.


Atonement, Ian McEwan

Another case of liking the film, hearing great things about the book, and seeing it sit on my mental tbr for years.  World War Two dramas are kind of my thing, so I know I’m going to like it, I just haven’t ever got around to it.


5 thoughts on “Yet More Adaptations That Made Me Want To Read The Book

    • I honestly can’t remember the last time I recommended the same books to so many people. And by ‘so many’ I basically mean everyone I know, regardless of whether or not they actually read books on a regular basis. Read The Martian and join the hordes of enamoured readers.

  1. I like your spin on this blog post!! What an interesting way to look at things-how the adaptation makes you want to read or reread the book! Most posts focus on the vice versa! And I think you picked great examples!

    • Thank you! Well, I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about books and their adaptations. I find that just as often as I see adaptations of my favourite books, I also see books come to my attention through adaptations. (These posts are also one of my favourites to write.)

  2. I am a fan of the Outlander series. I was less impressed with Book 8 which prompted me to go back and read/listen to book 1 again. I fell in love all over again. The magic is still there. 🙂

    After seeing Atonement, I ran out and bought the book and read it immediately. The same thing happened after seeing The Fellowship of the Ring. Although I couldn’t make it through the other two books in that series.

    My husband was raving about the trailer for The Martian. I looked at him and said, “Have you tried reading the book?” He was astounded that it was a book. I’m not sure if he will read it or not.

    Terri M., the Director
    Second Run Reviews

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