Books For Plane Trips


I’m going away at the end of the week, and not only do I need entertainment for a four and a half hour flight but also for a couple of hours afterward as I hang around an airport by myself.  Inspired by this video by Lindsey Rey, in which she discusses her engrossing picks for planes.  Of course, I’d love to be engrossed but what I really want out of my plane reads is to be entertained – and this is how I go about it.


The Jack Reacher Novel

Lee Child’s thrillers are my number one pick for long plane trips and funnily enough, Lindsey also recommends them.  You can read the series in any order, they’re totally self contained, amazingly fast paced and filled with action making them a great option when you’ve got several hours to kill and you don’t want to spend your time watching the little aeroplane inch its way across the map.


The Childhood Favourite

I’m talking rereading Harry Potter or Percy Jackson or anything else you might have loved as a kid.  More often than not they’ll be fun, easy reads that can keep the attention of children and those adults who have been awake now for almost twenty four hours.  Plus, you’ve read it before, so even if you doze off half way through, at least you’ll know the ending.


The Girly Option

You know the ones.  Chicklit or YA or New Adult or Mills & Boon.  Something silly, and fun that will make you roll your eyes at the heroine’s cluelessness and swoon over the bad boy neighbour who does the gardening without his shirt on and possibly shed a tear or two when the main characters finally get together.  Anything that will let you escape the horrible smell of plane breakfasts in favour ridiculous misunderstandings and passionate embraces or, you know, prom.


The Next in a Series

You read the first book and loved it, so why not take this opportunity (floating somewhere over a country you can’t even pronounce) to pick up book two.  Paranormal detective/romance books are always a good choice as many series tend to have a dozen or more instalments, but depending on your carry-on luggage weight restrictions – or whether or not you own an ereader – it’s an equally good time to carry on with, say, the next book in the Song of Ice and Fire or Brandon Sanderson’s latest.


The Audiobook

Your eyes feel like sandpaper and the words are blurring together on the page; this is where the trusty audiobook comes in.  Possibly not for everyone, but I like my audiobooks with a side of science fiction so I’m recommending Andy Weir’s The Martian.  Of course, anything will do.  Just having the option of being able to keep enjoying your book while simultaneously revelling in the bliss of closing your eyes and shutting out the screaming child in row K is a plus in my book.  Pun intended.


8 thoughts on “Books For Plane Trips

  1. I think my friend has been telling me about The Martian – is the book about the man stranded on Mars, and he manages to survive with lots of sciency skills?

    Did you end up taking any of these books for your flight?

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