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It comes and it goes, but I just haven’t been in a comic book type mood for a little while now.  It’s not for lack of anything cool, new, and interesting to read (as you’ll see) it just hasn’t been been on my radar.  Any time I think about reading a comic book, it’s always a trade that hasn’t come out yet – damn it, Hawkeye!  Why does your release date keep being pushed back?!  But that’s another story.  Here are a handful of trades that I own, I just need to get around to reading.



Mystery Society vol. 1

I’ve seen mixed reviews for this one, but it’s also the one that’s been on my shelf for the longest and there’s a raven on the front cover, so it can’t be all bad, can it?  I’ll be honest, I don’t actually know what this is about but it’s got all kinds of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vibes and we’ll just have to see if it lives up to those, won’t we?


The Fade Out vol. 1

I read the premiere issue when it first came out last year and liked it enough to mark it as ‘to buy when the trade comes out’.  Well, the trade’s out, I’ve bought it, and now all that remains is to read it.  I like Brubaker as a writer and his stuff is always darker than anything else I read in the graphic novel genre – and for the most part in fiction, too – so it will make a nice change to get into this.


Chew Vol 2

This series is everything I want in a good read – in general, not just in a graphic novel – and I could not for the life of me give you one good reason as to why I never continued on with the series after reading volume one last year.


Bravest Warriors

This was an impulse buy – albeit a cute one! – when it was on special a while ago.  But I am a huge Adventure Time fan, and I have a feeling I’ll love this series as soon as I get around to giving it a chance.


Deadly Class vol. 1

Look.  I got halfway through this many months ago.  I wasn’t feeling it, so I put it down and totally forgot about it.  It’ll be easy enough to pick up again and, you know, finish, and then I’ll be able to make a properly informed decision.  The premise is too cool not to give it a second chance, you know?


Scott Pilgrim vol. 1

A classic of the genre and a film adaptation I enjoyed, I’m so excited to finally have my hands on a copy of this!  I know the film was kind of controversial, so I’m looking forward to see the changes/sacrifices that were made to bring this to screen.


2 thoughts on “Graphic Novel TBR

  1. I’m just getting into comics and I’m quite interested in a few of these. Chew seems to be afvourite for a good few people and it does look like really good fun so I think that’s one I’ll definitely give a go at some point. I’ve seen Deadly Class around the blogosphere and booktube and while the premise doesn’t really interest me it’s been getting a lot of buzz and it’s from Image Comics, so that has to count for something. Scott Pilgrim looks like good fun too. I know one of my friends read and loved them so they’re another one that I’m looking forward to. Great post and I hope you enjoy all of these!

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