Where Read-5-Before-I-Buy Falls Down

Like many in the book blogging community, I started off the year by vowing to attack my tbr in 2015.  My tbr was never wildly out of control but I wasn’t comfortable seeing it creep up past 40 books, so I made it one of my reading goals to halve my tbr by Christmas.  “But you only have to read 20 books to achieve your goal!” You exclaim, and rightly so, “You can do that easily!”  Ah, dear reader, I thought the same thing, and I intended to use the popular method of Read 5 Before I Buy to help me on my quest.  But here’s where these self imposed challenges fall down for me…

Firstly, as I have discussed before, eBooks just don’t hold as much weight in my mind.  An eBook purchase will never be equal to the purchase of a beautifully bound paperback that will sit on my shelf for life, and because I’m not exactly in the market for accumulating more stuff at the moment, any book I purchase will more than likely be an eBook and not a paperback.  The bottom line is that because eBook purchases “don’t count”, they make for little incentive for reading 5 books on my tbr before buying another.

Secondly, finding myself unsatisfied with what my existing tbr has to offer, I have started using my library’s eBook lending system.  Sure, not all the books I want to read are available and sure, I have to put up with those pesky wait lists, but I’m able to expand my tbr without the pressure of having spent hundreds of dollars.  It’s totally guilt free.  It also doesn’t help me in lowering the number of previously purchased books I have yet to read.

And finally, this year is shaping up to be a year of re-reads for me.  Nothing wrong with that of course, I’ve always enjoyed revisiting books I’ve loved in the past, but well, I’ve already read them, haven’t I?  I’m reading steadily throughout the months but I’m reading old favourites or new fancies from the library and leaving my tbr untouched. While I love the idea of challenges such as Read 5 Before I Buy, I think I have to accept that it’s just not going to work for me right now. What about you?  How are you fairing in the war against your tbr?  Are you successfully implementing a Read-5-Before-You-Buy system?


3 thoughts on “Where Read-5-Before-I-Buy Falls Down

  1. Nope. I’ve got about 50 books on my Tbr and I’m making my way through them. I read a lot so it’ll be fine 🙂

  2. First of all… Your post cracked me up. You set a goal for yourself then found five different ways around it!!! Ha ha… Are you spontaneous by nature? I have a very different approach to my TBR I hardly ever read books off of it because I get so distracted by my friends publishing or some other shiny new cover. Maybe I should think about attacking it someday… For now I’ll just keep building it… I figure if I have a really long TBR… I can’t die anytime soon I have too much to read. 😉

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