Graphic Novel Discoveries – Marvel Wrap Up



All-New Ghost Rider, Vol. 1: Engines of Vengeance,  written by Felipe Smith and illustrated by Tradd Moore

With four on the floor, Marvel’s newest Ghost Rider puts vengeance in overdrive! Amid an East Los Angeles neighborhood running wild with gang violence and drug trafficking, Robbie Reyes has been given a new awesome power! But can the teen handle it, or will it drive him to a path of destruction? As a war brews in the criminal underworld, the streets of East LA flare up with drug-fueled gang violence from Dr. Zabo’s power-enhancing narcotics – and Mr. Hyde launches a diabolical plan to expand his underground empire. Robbie meets the mysterious entity behind his possession, but will he submit to the spirit inside him and go too far in protecting his neighborhood? The all-new Ghost Rider takes on Mr. Hyde, with all-out action…and a twist that will hit you at 100 mph!

I loved the characters, and I loved the artwork, and I loved the whole set up to the story.  What I didn’t love was the actual plot, which is kind of problematic.  (The story had a lot of potential but all of the conflict seemed to resolve itself too easily.)  Robbie Reyes is just my kind of character, the cliche of looking after his little brother, going to school by day, working in an auto shop by afternoon and er… general vigilante-ness by night?  It had all the makings of a new favorite but fell ultimately flat.  I might pick up the rest of the issues in the future, if only to find out what happens to the Reyes’.




Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2: Angela, written by Brian Michael Bendis, and illustrated by Sara Pichelli, Francesco Francavilla, Olivier Coipel, Valerio Schiti & Kevin Maguire

Spinning out of the dramatic conclusion of Age of Ultron, dimensions collide and Heaven’s most fearsome Angel arrives – and comes straight for the Guardians! Gamora, one of the galaxy’s greatest warriors, holds a deadly secret that could bring down the entire team. And when Gamora battles Angela, the entire universe hangs in the balance! Then, the galaxy’s most mismatched heroes find themselves at a crossroads when the effects of Infinity begin to rise. Can even the mysterious Angela’s power help combat the fallout from Thanos’ master plan? And what will it take for Star-Lord to betray the entire Marvel Universe? 

I really like GotG as a superhero team.  I read the first volume in the lead up to the release of the film last year and wasn’t disappointed by either.  I finally got around to picking this up with the view of going off on a space adventure with the team and that’s what I got out of it, for the most part.  The characters were just as amusing as I knew they could be and the situations they found themselves held my interest even if they weren’t totally mindblowing.


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