What Star Ratings Mean To Me

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Like a lot of book lovers, I use Goodreads to record the books I read.  I also use their star rating system to review the books I read, but I don’t necessarily use their system the way they intend.

The Goodreads star rating system is as follows;

1 star 1 star – Didn’t like it

2 stars 2 stars – It was OK

3 stars 3 stars – Liked it

4 stars 4 stars – Really liked it

5 stars 5 stars – It was amazing

My One and Two Star Ratings

With the books that I read, you won’t find a lot of one or two star ratings.  I am a big believer that life is too short to read bad books.  If I’m not enjoying a book, I’ll get rid of it, quite happily, without finishing it.  It wasn’t for me, no rating necessary, end of story.  Occasionally I will read a book, usually part of a series, and I find myself getting very bored and skimming large portions of the text.  When this happens, when I’m trudging my way through to the end, it’s going to get two stars from me.

My Three Star Ratings

Ah, the three star rating.  A three star read for me is usually a book that I enjoyed, and that I am glad I read, but my life wasn’t changed dramatically through reading it.  Very occasionally, it signifies a book that I found to be well written, with complex characters and a nicely constructed plot that I just didn’t like.  At all, really, and I probably skimmed the last hundred pages.  But I can appreciate a good book, even if it wasn’t to my taste.

My Four Star Ratings

Four star ratings are for books that I loved and could see myself rereading at some point or continuing immediately on with the series.  A four star rating would have me recommending the book to anyone I think would like it and there are probably a few quotes in there that I underlined and or characters I’m in love with.  A read a lot of four star books.

My Five Star Ratings

I’m not afraid to give five star ratings, but I have to have really loved the story.  And that’s what I think it comes down to with the five star rating – not only have I enjoyed the prose, but I cared about the characters as though they were real people, I was invested in their lives and thought about them often both during the time I was reading the book and afterward.

How do you rate books?  Do you have a similar approach to me, or do you rate books on different merits?  some people find the discussion old, but personally, I find it fascinating to read about how others rate and review that books they read.


2 thoughts on “What Star Ratings Mean To Me

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  2. I’m really bizarre in this, I think, because I almost NEVER give out 5 star ratings. For me, part of loving a book and it being a favorite is that the book takes up residence in my mind and I find myself wanting to reread it almost instantly. It’s like I have to wait a few months and see what my thoughts are before I can give a book that extra star. (I’m stingy, haha!) A lot of times when I’ve given a 5 star rating over the last few years, it was a classic or childhood favorite that I’ve reread. I gave out five 5-star ratings last year for new-to-me books and looking back at them, I still agree with those ratings for the most part.

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