More Adaptations That Made Me Want to Read the Book

Last year I wrote a post about five of my very favourite book to tv/movie adaptations.  I later realised that there were more amazing adaptations out there, so here are five more adaptations that made me want to read the book.


North And South, Elizabeth Gaskell

North & South is probably, to this day, my favourite BBC period drama miniseries.  I love the story, I love the atmosphere, I love the characters, and I love the portrayal of those characters by Daniela Denby-Ashe and Richard Armitage.  I first watched the mini series a good ten years ago and it’s taken me until now to get around to the book, but I wasn’t disappointed.


The Walking Dead, Written by Robert Kirkman and Illustrated by Charlie Adlard & Tony Moore

Reading episode reviews of The Walking Dead you can’t escape comparisons to the show’s comicbook source material and how much of a cult following it has.  Well, I figured all those fans had to be onto something and I dove into volume one.  Season one of The Walking Dead is one of my all time favourite seasons of TV and reading the comic book was just as great, and made me love the show even more.  I was shocked to see iconic scenes from the show that I knew so well perfectly depicted in the comic.  It was, in my opinion, and almost perfect adaptation.


Looking For Alibrandi, Melina Marchetta

Another oldie, I first saw Looking For Alibrandi years and years ago and it stayed with me.  The book is one of the first novels I read in one sitting and set me up as a Marchetta fan for life.  I won’t lie, one of the main draws for Marchetta’s writing for me is the inherent – without being obvious – Australianness of it all.  The beautiful prose is nostalgic and comforting to read, even when the subject matter is less than happy.


Birdsong, Sebastian Faulks

This one came highly recommended to me by anyone who knows I enjoy wartime dramas.  When I finally got around to the miniseries, I knew immediately that I would adore the book, and I did.  And it killed me a little towards the end, and I need to reread it soon.


A Room With A View, EM Forster

Sometimes someone sits you down to watch a film and it changes your life.  Then you read the book and it becomes one of your favourites.  I bloody love this film and book and story in general.  I love the way Forster writes about Florence and I connect with few characters so deeply as I do Lucy Honeychurch.  Also, the costumes are lovely, which doesn’t hurt.


2 thoughts on “More Adaptations That Made Me Want to Read the Book

  1. I watched the newer adaptation of A Room With a View and I liked it except for the ending (which I found out is different from the Forster novel anyway). I started watching the Helena Bonham Carter film but haven’t finished it yet. I also haven’t read the book though I did recently read Love, Lucy by April Lindner which is a YA adaptation (and probably not as good).

    I love North and South! I watched the miniseries first too and then bought the book and loved the book just as much. I think the movie makes John Thornton a little meaner and Margaret Hale a little kinder compared to the book. He doesn’t hit people in the book and I loved the part of the book where we see his thoughts and feelings for her and how much he loves her. The Margaret Hale in the book is a little more stuck up when she first arrives in Milton and I think it takes awhile before she starts to see things in a new light.

    Have you seen Cranford? I watched that miniseries before I read the book but I like the miniseries more.

    • I’ve only ever watched the HBC adaptation of A Room With A View, and I love it! And I need to get around to rewatching it! And oh, North & South. I know, I was waiting for MArgaret to walk into the mill to see Thornton whipping people and it never happened… reading from his point of view was, as you say, fantastic and showed you parts of his personality that never came across in the adaptation.

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