Reading Habits: Being “Well Read”


This post is a response to Rincey Reads’ Why Do We Want To Be Well Read? video.

From what I’ve seen online, the consensus seems to be that well read is an outdated term that nobody can define.  If someone does define it, it seems to come with a set of qualifications that put into mind Mr Darcy and his ‘accomplished woman’.  I disagree.

For me, the term well read conjures up an image of a confident, well travelled and intelligent person who reads often and diversely.  This person draws upon both their own experiences and those in the books they read to improve their lives and the lives of others.  I don’t know why, but there it is.  Of course, a side effect of being well read also means that a person can discuss books with others and reference them in every day conversation like a Gilmore Girl.  Both sides of this well read-edness, if you will, appeal to me and are things I aspire to be/do.

I do believe that the term is a compliment and if anyone were ever to describe me as well read, I would appreciate it.  I would also love that person forever.  I do not believe that a person is required to read X amount of books, or a specific syllabus of books, in order to be considered well read.


5 thoughts on “Reading Habits: Being “Well Read”

  1. I also agree with your response (and wonder how anyone could think ‘well read’ is an insult!). I joined two bookclubs in the last few years (one local, one online) to mostly expand my reading circle, and it has been awesome. Except that my to-read book list has gotten out of control! 🙂

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