Fantasy Series TBR

Although I do appreciate variety in what I read, recently I have been wishing that I could just lock myself away in a (comfy) tower somewhere and read fantasy books until I’ve had my fill.  There are so many worlds I want to explore and adventures I want to have with amazing characters… here are just three of them.


Two Fantasy Series I Can’t Wait To Continue…

The Well of Ascension, Mistborn Book 2, Brandon Sanderson & Red Seas Under Red Skies,Gentleman Bastard Book 2, Scott Lynch

For both of these series I read the first book earlier this year, loved it, and have been contemplating grabbing the sequel as soon as possible.  So far I haven’t done it, but that doesn’t mean I’m not totally psyched to continue.  I sped through both of these first instalments, adored the characters, and I can’t wait to return to the amazing fantasy worlds contained within the pages.

And One Fantasy Series I Can’t Wait To Start…

 The Promise of Blood, The Powder Mage Book 1, Brian McClellan

This series, it calls to me.  I read the kindle preview of this earlier in the year, chucked it onto my TBR and HAVE NOT STOPPED THINKING ABOUT IT EVER SINCE.  It’s crazy, and I’ve tried to fend it off with rational thinking about all of the books already on my kindle, but I need to read this.  Desperately.  And the sequel just came out, bringing it to the forefront of every Sci Fi/Fantasy section I visit.  Hnnnnng.

Have you read any of these series?  Are you half way through, like me?  Dying to continue?


4 thoughts on “Fantasy Series TBR

    • I remember adoring “The Final Empire” but I’ve just started book 2 and I gotta be honest, I’m struggling. Too much politics! I’m going to stick with it though. Yes! Locke Lamora! So bloody cool. Read it. Read it now!

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