ReReading Rowell

As you all no doubt no by now, Rainbow Rowell’s latest novel, Landline, was published last month.  The lead up to this release had me itching to read more Rowell but I decided to hold off and read it when it became available.  With Landline read I decided to go back and reread Rowell’s other novels to see whether I still stood by my first impressions.  You can see the results of my little experiment below.



Attachments, Rainbow Rowell

Attachments was the very first of Rowell’s books that I read.  At the time, I had the choice between this one and the much hyped Eleanor & Park and to this day, I cannot tell you why I read Attachments first.  The point is, I absolutely loved it and named it as my favourite Rowell book.  Having reread everything now, I have to admit it’s been unseated.  But I still loved it!  How could I not?  I forgot how perfect Lincoln was – he’s still my favourite Rowell man – and how amazing Beth and Jennifer’s emails are!  While it may no longer be my ABSOLUTE favourite Rowell, Attachments is still my favourite comfort read.



Eleanor & Park, Rainbow Rowell

I’m not really one for “tumblr” speak, but if any book can turn me into a blathering mess complete with exclamations of “ALL THE FEELS!” it’s Eleanor & Park.  The first time I read it, I adored it and I was beyond excited to read it the second time around.  It’s so cute!  And gritty and horrible in parts, of course, but then Park comes back into the picture and everything is right in Eleanor’s world again.  This book.  This book.  After the rereads, this is officially my new favourite Rowell.



Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell

Ah, Fangirl.  I mean, I love it, I do, any book about a writer is going to find a home on my own shelf, but I do have problems with it.  Even the second time around I still couldn’t get into the Simon Snow or Carry On excepts and ended up skimming and occasionally skipping them altogether.  I also think the story gets bogged down by the whole story-stealing subplot and by visits to the hospital.  But.  Levi didn’t come out of nowhere this time, as I knew it was coming, and his and Cath’s relationship is still pretty much the best thing ever.  AND HE DRIVES CROSS COUNTRY (ish) JUST TO BE WITH HER.  Unf.



Landline, Rainbow Rowell

And that brings us to Landline.  I posted a review just a couple of weeks ago, so odds are, you’ll already know my feelings on this one.  Time travel!  Trendy characters I can root for with interesting jobs and great back stories!  Yes.  It was nice to be sucked back into Rowell’s writing after half a year away.  This one definitely needs a reread – I’m thinking Christmas?  But just know that Ms Rowell can do no wrong.


But what do you think?  Which is your favourite read?  Have you read them all and devoured every last word, as I have?


3 thoughts on “ReReading Rowell

  1. I’ve read all her novels now, and I was disappointed that I didn’t enjoy Landline. It just wasn’t the story for me. I think it needed the husband’s point of view, because without it it very much seemed like a man having a strop because the wife wasn’t doing what wife’s do and staying home.

    Rainbow Rowell really is a marvellous writer regardless, really tugs on the heartstrings.

  2. I haven’t read Landline or Attachments yet, but I own both. I wasn’t a huge fan of Eleanor and Park, but I loved Fangirl! I read it when it came out and again at the beginning of the year when I was in a reading slump. It’s just a really relatable story for me and it got even better the second time I picked it up!

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