TBR: February 2014


The Road, Cormac McCarthy (2006)


So, my brother and I would argue about the most depressing films we’d ever seen.  I would say, “It’s Requiem for a Dream.  Have you seen that film?  I’ve never felt so bad after watching a film in my life.” and he would say, “No way.  It’s The Road, man, gotta be The Road.”  Well, to this day he’s never seen Requiem for a Dream, and I’ve never seen The Road.  I will read the book though, and maybe after that I’ll watch the film and let my brother know the verdict and settle the score once and for all.

The Rosie Project, Graeme Simsion (2013)


This is one of those books that made it onto my radar last year and I kept putting off buying it, even though I think that I’ll really like it.  Part of my 2014 reading goals for myself was to (maybe) join a (low pressure) book club.  I did, the Goodreads Choice Awards Bookclub, where you can pick and choose what you read from a decent sized list every month.  Long story short, The Rosie Project is marked as a February read, and I thought, “Why the Hell not?”

The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Neil Gaiman (2013)


I was unsure about this book when it came out last year, but since then I have seen so many amazing reviews for it that when I saw it cheap on Amazon, I snatched it up on my Kindle.  I haven’t yet met a Neil Gaiman book I didn’t like, and I don’t intend to start now.

What will you be reading in February?


5 thoughts on “TBR: February 2014

  1. I find it impossible to make monthly TBRs(though I try!), but WOW do you have a good reading month coming your way! I love all three of these books, and The Rosie Project is really fun! The Ocean at the End of the Lane isn’t my favorite Neil Gaiman book that I’ve read, but I did really enjoy it.

    • I used to feel the same way about monthly TBRs; but I figure, if I can read about 5 books a month, reading a set 3 shouldn’t be too difficult. And you know me, I love crossing things off a list! I’m excited for these books, still on the fence about The Ocean At The End of the Lane, but I’ll know for sure, one way or another, soon enough!

  2. Quite impressive list. I finished Ocean at the End of the Lane recently and it was a good book. Rosie Project is in my list too, but I’m going to order it next month probably.

    All the best with your goals.

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