Graphic Novel Review: The Crow Curare

thecrowcurareThe Crow: Curare, Antoine Dode (2013)


When retired cop Joe Salk can’t shake a little girl’s unsolved murder, his life unravels. Alone in the shambles of his former life, his obsessions with justice and revenge his only propellants, the shadowy spirit of vengeance, and the young victim reach out to him. Over three-issues this June, fans will see just how well The Crow‘s supernatural heat can thaw a cold case.

I was approved for an eGalley of this graphic novel though Diamond Book Distributors & IDW Publishing.

I’ve been wanting to read some more comics/graphic novels because I’ve only read a handful in the past.  So when I saw this on Netgalley, a grisly PI story with an amazing title, I went for it.  I’ve never reviewed a graphic novel before, so please bear with me.

I immediately liked the artwork and the way you were eased into the story through the character history that was introduced at the beginning.  The main character is your typical career cop who’s family life is falling by the wayside as he involves himself arguably too deeply in a case.  He became obsessed, and now it’s come back to haunt him – uh, literally.  This made for a quick read, despite the three parts, it only totals 77 pages in length.  The story was fast paced and interesting and dark.  Seriously dark.  “Grisly” doesn’t cut it; this was downright gruesome in parts.  Something I wasn’t expecting, but it worked!  About halfway through things take a turn for the supernatural and things turn a bit Neil Gaiman-y with a pet crow helping to solve the now cold case.

Overall I enjoyed the story, but it’s definitely not something to read while you’re eating.  I would recommend it to fans of TV shows like Law & Order SVU or Cold Case, and I for one, will be looking out for other titles in the series.


The Crow: Curare will be available from December 3rd.


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