Reading Habits #1: Buying eBooks

… or buying books, and why buying eBooks doesn’t count when you’re on a book buying ban.

I’ve decided to give myself a  £10 a month reading budget.  If I’m creative and shop around (which I love doing) I can easily buy 3 books a month.  I had already spent this budget within the first week of September, and a trip to Amazon made me think.

We’ve all been there; you went into town to go to the bank or maybe even the weekly food shopping, and returned home with a bag full of books having been sucked in by their amazing Buy one get one for £1 deals, or even just ridiculously bargain prices.  Your family might roll their eyes, your significant other might scoff but they were just too damned pretty to leave on the shelf.  (And at such a good price, too!)  You tell yourself you’re done buying books for now, you have plenty to read after all, but then that feeling starts niggling at you.

This is where ebook purchases come in.

Throughout my relationship with eBooks, firstly on my iPad and then on my Kindle, I’ve bought (and read) more books than ever.  I love perusing the £2.99 or Less pages, reading a few pages, and buying any book that takes my fancy.  Because, surely, £0.99 here,  £2.39 there, and another  £1.50 at the last minute doesn’t count when you don’t have anything physical to show for it, right?  Well, that’s how I think, anyway.  And really, as far as I’m concerned, if I’m not dipping into my rent money, I’ll probably continue to buy as many books as I like.

What do you think?  Do eBooks really count?


2 thoughts on “Reading Habits #1: Buying eBooks

  1. For me, ebooks definitely count! While you’re right in that they are inexpensive, it’s still something to read that’s pushing back all my other books. But then again, I’m being really harsh about my ban!

    The nice thing about ebooks is that since they are cheap and usually shorter when they’re the really cheap ones, they’re quick little reads. They’re great palate cleansers too after you’ve read a longer book or one that really affected you.

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