TBR: September 2013

So, being on somewhat of a reading kick at the moment, I decided to go through my Kindle ‘bookshelf’ and pick out all of the books that I have started reading but have not yet managed to finish for one reason or another.  These books will make up my September TBR.

The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared, Jonas Jonasson  (2012)

Percentage Read as at September 1st:  54%

Why I Stopped Reading:

I had heard such amazing things about this novel.  It was quirky, it was funny, but in reality I found it rather hard going.  For chapters at a time I had zero interest in where the story was heading, but then all of a sudden something amazing would happen.  I had other things to read.  I moved on.

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, Ben Fountain  (2012)

Percentage Read as at September 1st:  35%

Why I Stopped Reading:

This book will be the Catch-22 of the Iraq War.

or so claims the Amazon.com review.  Needless to say, I was sold; satirical war novels are kind of my thing.  I read, and I read, and in every lunch break I read some more and yet, somehow, I’m only just over a quarter of the way through.  I fell quickly in love with Billy, but the other characters are all somewhat of a blur to me, and the story so far moves at a strange pace.  A lot of ground is covered, but you don’t seem to move anywhere.  It’s like being on one of those travellators at the airport but never reaching the end, even though you can feel the ground moving beneath you the whole time.   Though the inevitable movie adaptation will make it a lot easier to follow, I think I just need to persevere.

The Big Sleep & Other Novels, Raymond Chandler  (1939)

Percentage Read as at September 1st:  39%

Why I Stopped Reading:

I needed to buy  Farewell, My Lovely as a part of my required reading last year, and instead of paying 6.99 for the one story, I paid 7.99 for three.  I put the book down (probably in favour of some other required reading) after finishing it but I remember loving the style so much that that I’m sure I’ll be a fan of The Big Sleep and The Long Goodbye as well.  Also, reading noir will make a change from what I’ve been reading lately.

What books do you have lying around, half read?  Why did you stop reading them, and do you think you’ll ever finish them?


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